Florejan has stripped every composition to the bone, to the bare essence of the song. It has been an exercise in letting go and a quest for finding beauty and purity. Seemingly easy listening, the melodies conceal a profound richness. Each song is a trip, telling a story with many layers.

Who else but illustrator Sassafras De Bruyn (www.sassafrasdebruyn.com) could provide this album with the right images? It was a match made in heaven: beautiful drawings as a perfect answer to the multi-layered music.

'Piano Piano' is a very personal record and shows a part of Florejan that not many people have already discovered.

Listen to Piano Piano


The magical feeling when first snow starts to fall. As the landscape inevitably evolves; it is unstoppable and becomes unrecognisable yet with it brings peace.


The story of three friends who for a time bring a great amount of value to each other’s lives. They try to evolve together as they grow, always. Between their deep connection there is at times disconnection until one day the boy in between seeks a new path of wisdom.


Hibernation is more than a period of rest or a time of inertia. It is a walk towards the inner self; a visit to the cathedral in one’s mind. What starts as a lullaby that whispers, turns to reveal the repetition of life and with it self-reflection in motion – a closeness that ends in a realm of dreams and possibility.


Saying goodbye to a place you love is unraveling. There is shifting movement and heaviness. When something is gone and out of reach, it is both parts curiosity and confusion. Leaving leads to the beginning of everything. But home is what holds your heart.


Peeping out from the canopy into the window of the world there is a weary soul with layers of life sewn into stories. Everything ends where it started, but not as it once was.


With a clear mind and open heart our thoughts lead us to expansive creativity and spontaneous ideas. This is the way out from feeling stuck and finding inner peace and state of flow.


In the snowfall of now there is an undiscovered world revealed. In my gaze everything is snow white, except for just one thing. A comforting sign of the past and also what is to return.


The gracious movements of a dancing couple in the snow. Rise and falling with the beat as they echo each other’s dreams. They get lost in the promise of daring to be brave; their heart’s soar in the moment yet they are grounded firmly on the path together.


The somewhat slow and uncomfortable rhythmical feeling of holding on under difficult circumstances so that you shall rise again, before long.


When we find ourselves unable to let go of what was and what is; we become trapped at the beginning, again and again. To move past the challenges within and around us we must lean in to the growth possibilities unended.


We're standing still, at a crossroad and moment of new perspective. It is our time to stop turning in circles and find the effortless peace-of-mind and rest that we so deserve.